nature journals and morning coffee

Intoxicated with Beauty

In an effort to connect and learn more about the natural world around me, I’ve started my first official nature journal. I’ve been reading so many great books on the importance of being outdoors- the physical and psychological benefits; I’ve been reading about how to become more aware of my environment and all the fascinating things happening right under my nose and above my head; … Continue reading Intoxicated with Beauty

How to Style a plain white tee

The Well Done Veggie Burger

Let’s travel back to a few days ago… The sun is shining in the courtyard atrium. The restaurant, serving typical American fair, is bright and quiet. There I sit with two friends hungry and ready to order. I know what I want– the veggie burger. What I don’t know is how I want my burger done. That’s right, my server asks me how I’d like … Continue reading The Well Done Veggie Burger

Instagram Fashion May

Instagram Fashion: May

April showers bring May flowers and lightweight fabrics that flutter in the wind, a bit more skin, and buttons– I seem to be having a thing for large buttons. You’ll see what I mean. Are you ready for Instagram Fashion: May? This was a tough month. I started strong and gathered far too many beauties for my own good, so narrowing down or categorizing has … Continue reading Instagram Fashion: May

Nature Porn 2 photography

Nature in Detail, or Nature Porn 2

Go big or go home. You’ve heard it before, but let’s just let that go for a moment. I want you to go outside and go small. What in the green gables am I talking about? Nature porn! Nature porn has made it to video folks, and I’m so excited. Today I’ll be sharing some visual reasons for why you should go small, think small, … Continue reading Nature in Detail, or Nature Porn 2

How to style a basic white tee shirt

Women and Beauty: Part Two

I’ve gone ahead and seen my dermatologist. My skin now tastes of medicine, but that’s okay– bring on the medicine. My dermatologist laughed when she looked at my record and pointed out that I’ve got a habit of scheduling an appointment exactly every 3 years. The past 3 months has seen my skin spiraling down a pit of despair, and I wasn’t having it. My skin is one … Continue reading Women and Beauty: Part Two

Well, that was embarrassing.

Well, That Was Embarrassing.

So the other night, I happened to be at a restaurant with a fairly new acquaintance. I chose the only vegetarian appetizer on the menu- artichoke hearts. It’s only recently, within the last year, that I tried artichoke for the first time outside of a dip. I was at a friend’s dinner party; they were soaking in an oil and herb brine and melted on … Continue reading Well, That Was Embarrassing.