via Daily Prompt: Lush

We often hear the word lush and we think tropical jungles with leaves the size of our chests, and green. That really deep green that seems somehow  mature. It’s been living for a while; don’t you dare mess with it. We think lush and we think being surrounded, enclosed, comforted, full.

My life right now is lush. It is full of early mornings rushing about and late nights in front of a computer screen, latest embroidery project in my hand. My mind right now is lush. It’s full of ideas and questions. How can I launch this better? How can I make this a true reflection of me? How can I make it to the gym when I’m so exhausted and busy? How can I not make it to the gym when I must because I’m so exhausted and busy? I’m learning about business. I thought I knew. I took years of it in high school and some in college. Turns out a lot has changed and I don’t know diddly.

My mind is lush with learning, reading, writing, posting, checking and rechecking. Stop looking at the numbers. This is what I tell myself. But just like those big mature leaves, the shiny waxy ones that plan to stick around, my ego is mature. It’s been with me a while and damn it, it wants to live. And so my thoughts and the works of my hands creep around the denseness of life (a lush dark jungle, a sparkling teeming ocean) to find its place among the masses.

When I hear lush, I think rich and grounded in quality. I think survival and beauty. My life is lush.

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