Hey there! Well, you’re obviously wondering who I am and why I write. Here goes the short and sweet of it.

My name is Lyz-Stephanie Durand and I’m a mom, a creative, a writer and traveler. I created this blog as a way to share my failing and funny journey into womanhood and adulthood.

I believe in the power of beauty and taking chances. I’m shaking up my life and moving always toward my dreams, and I’d like to help others to do the same. Here’s a bit of my journey. Feel free to laugh at me.

As an adolescent I grew up  drooling over my Seventeen magazines, visiting New York, going into the city and admiring the effort that people put into their appearance. Then I’d come back to my hometown in South Florida and roll my eyes at the girls lining the bathroom mirror in my high school. “Really,” I’d say, “is all this fuss  andcropped-cropped-img_7917.jpg vanity necessary?” I’d apply some chap stick, make some conversation and get the heck out of there. I felt isolated from that world and wanted no part of it. I was a walking contradiction, as most young ladies tend to be.

On my road to lady-hood, there were four stumbling blocks.

First: Most of the girls in school had makeup a shade or two lighter or darker than their necks caked onto their faces. Not exactly a confidence booster pre-YouTube days that I’d know what I was doing in my own attempts to look “naturally pretty.”

Secondly: I grew up with a mother who avoided makeup like the plague. She was, and is still, certain that mascara will be discovered to cause blindness. My father is convinced that leg hair was put on us for a reason and it’s ignorant to shave it off. Did I have any chance of walking out of my house with makeup on? You know the answer.

Thirdly: I was lazy growing up and didn’t know how to make so much as a pot of rice or a boiled egg.

Fourth: (I can’t bring myself to say fourthly). I was broke. My dreams of fabulous days looking fabulous in a fabulous home and traveling to fabulous places was going to need real action to be fulfilled. I was starting from scratch.



But most significantly, I truly didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. I spent my college years and most of my 20s thinking that my degree will get me something really good and accommodating to my desired lifestyle; I ogled at magazines of beautiful homes and hadn’t a clue what went into keeping one; I was thinking the naturally beautiful women around me were all truly natural in the true sense. I never thought they wore concealer, foundation, liner and especially did I never consider that their lashes might be false. Couple this with my shameful lack of domestic skills and let’s just say that my road to womanhood has been bumpy.  I fell hard into adulthood. Thankfully, I have a sense of humor. I’ll let you shotgun along for the ride. Welcome, Dear Reader.

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