Aim for Better, Not Perfect

The other day I was all excited to sit down and start recording a video about one of my favorite works of art– Ugolino and His Sons by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. I’ve loved it for years and I can speak about it at length; there should’ve been no issues, right? Haha, yeah, okay. Here’s what happened. I got myself dressed in a silky, sophisticated blouse– appropriate … Continue reading Aim for Better, Not Perfect

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Try New Things: Fashion Photography

Hey everyone, welcome back! As promised, I’m here this week sharing my experience with fashion and portrait photography. I don’t profess to know everything. I don’t even profess to know half of everything. So why am I writing this post? Because every new endeavor is an accumulation of hundreds of tiny little successes and failures, and in the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned … Continue reading Try New Things: Fashion Photography