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Let Loose In a Thrift Store: How To Shop Vintage

No one wants their home to be boring and predictable, but how do you speak your coolness to the world without going broke doing it? Shopping vintage. If you’re unsure how to step into a thrift store, take my hand now.

WordPress Thinks I’m Trash

Hey everybody, it’s me again. The elusive Lyz. Don’t worry, I’ll be back here full force coming soon. But in the meantime, WordPress has decided out of nowhere that I am trash and has been tossing all of my comments to you all into your spam folders. That’s according to a couple of bloggers who

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Coffee and Art: Fort Lauderdale

You know how Anakin loves Padme? That’s how much I love books and vintage decor. Fort Lauderdale for the hipster. A coffee shop, an arts and crafts fair, studio and street art.

Who Cares About the Stupid Planet Anyway?

Fort Lauderdale beach

I can’t imagine that anyone would seriously say this. It sounds damn ridiculous. However. Everywhere that I look in books and media, I am seeing the devastating effects of plastics on our environment. It’s pretty damn hard to ignore. At least that’s what I thought. You see, I’ve been noticing more and more that all

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