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The Well Done Veggie Burger

Let’s travel back to a few days ago… The sun is shining in the courtyard atrium. The restaurant, serving typical American fair, is bright and quiet. There I sit with two friends hungry and ready to order. I know what I want– the veggie burger. What I don’t know is how I want my burger done. That’s right, my server asks me how I’d like … Continue reading The Well Done Veggie Burger

Well, that was embarrassing.

Well, That Was Embarrassing.

So the other night, I happened to be at a restaurant with a fairly new acquaintance. I chose the only vegetarian appetizer on the menu- artichoke hearts. It’s only recently, within the last year, that I tried artichoke for the first time outside of a dip. I was at a friend’s dinner party; they were soaking in an oil and herb brine and melted on … Continue reading Well, That Was Embarrassing.

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The Universe and Sick Jokes

I need to announce to you all that hours after publishing today’s blog post– Messy Cars Anonymous— I parked under a tree. Yes, my car got shat on by a shit ton of birds. I’m appalled that the Universe would question my integrity and true intentions (to keep my car clean) so suddenly and violently. Without a warning. Okay, real adults would know not to … Continue reading The Universe and Sick Jokes nature photography tips simplification

The Bookcase Gives Me Anxiety

So here I am, a mom on a mission, rampaging through my kid’s room with a single-minded determination to put things in order. Let me make clear that I’m notoriously scatter-brained, so single-minded anything is a stretch for me at best. But on this day, and into the future (stupid adulting goals) I’m determined to go through my life with more focus. You know, start … Continue reading The Bookcase Gives Me Anxiety

Do you trust yourself adulting fear growth

Do You Trust Yourself?

I have failed so many times. Public failures. Private failures. I’ve been called a failure; I’ve called myself a failure. I’ve given up so many times. I’ve been energized, and I’ve watched my energy dwindle. I’ve fallen in and out of love with others and with myself. Do I trust myself? Honestly, kinda. Kinda is not the best answer by far, but it’s damn better … Continue reading Do You Trust Yourself?