The Junk Drawers Are Alive

My junk drawers are alive. They must be. There’s no other explanation for the number of junk drawers in my house save that they’re copulating in the night and increasing in number. I certainly had no direct control over the situation, I mean, I didn’t set out to live in a home with, let’s just say, a lot of junk drawers. Take a moment to … Continue reading The Junk Drawers Are Alive girl's trip Sarasota, Florida

Rain and My Cluttered Brain

I woke up this morning to subtle rain, not the sort that wakes you in the beautiful way an early morning downpour would. It’s a soft rain, not noticeable until I walk over to the window and pull it open. Rain is running over the round bodies of mangoes hanging low on branches, tapping at blades of grass, glistening on the pavement. The birds twitter … Continue reading Rain and My Cluttered Brain

tony-fortunato-595062-unsplash birds poop on cars

The Universe and Sick Jokes

I need to announce to you all that hours after publishing today’s blog post– Messy Cars Anonymous— I parked under a tree. Yes, my car got shat on by a shit ton of birds. I’m appalled that the Universe would question my integrity and true intentions (to keep my car clean) so suddenly and violently. Without a warning. Okay, real adults would know not to … Continue reading The Universe and Sick Jokes

A Bit of Fun at the IWBAL Awards Night

Because I like to be a bit innovative with this blog, I decided recently as a tribute to awards season, to create my own first annual IWANNABEALADY Awards! First, I produced the awards. You’ll see how soon enough. Then I asked my Instagram followers to head over to my stories and vote on 3 categories: Best Drama * The Taking of Pluto * * Absinthe … Continue reading A Bit of Fun at the IWBAL Awards Night

So I just had a HUGE fml moment

  I just realized that the video clip for my outfit post was still on private and no one got to see this thing that I worked tirelessly on. I could seriously scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. fml fml fml fmliiiiiife. Okay, I’m going to breathe now. I’m going to find the courage somewhere in my soul to let this disappointment wash away from my soul. I can … Continue reading So I just had a HUGE fml moment

Join Me at 6:30pm Tonight!

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is excited about some free time and ready to make the most of it! I’m hopping on here to invite you to join me tonight on Instagram at 6:30pm tonight for an open chat about women and beauty. Did you know that only 4% of the world’s women consider themselves beautiful? I know, right? Something seems wrong. Myself and my … Continue reading Join Me at 6:30pm Tonight!

I Eat How I Live My Life

I was in the middle of a chew when I realized just how much food I had in my mouth. My cheeks were stretched. My tongue fought for air in a dark corner. I realized, as well, that I hadn’t been chewing nearly as much as the chew your food people recommend. The uncomfortable succession of hard lumps going down my throat told me that. … Continue reading I Eat How I Live My Life beginner nature photography tips

Beginner Nature Photography Tips: Light

Nature is one of my favorite subjects to capture. While I love the sensation of being constantly caught by the intricate details of how nature comes together, I’ve learned that too much complexity can destroy the impact of a photograph. In trying to include everything, sometimes we lose it all. Between the colors, shapes, sizes, textures and light, you may also feel like everything is getting lost. … Continue reading Beginner Nature Photography Tips: Light