A Name By Any Other Name Is Not Just As Sweet: On The Maiden Name

So last night I went to my cousin’s lingerie-themed bachelorette party and had a great time. It was an interesting study in people to see the ways in which each woman would turn the corner and make her appearance in her chosen garb. Some were full diva status with lace cutouts and plunging necklines; some clutched

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You Trying To Say I Ain’t Superwoman?

It’s 7pm over on my side of the world. A reasonable hour. I just woke up from a two hour nap. Some people have just gotten through accomplishing things. Don’t you think you’re special. Let me guess, you stopped by the grocery store; you’re making dinner; you’re doing laundry; you’re settling down with a beer

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Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand

I’ve been thinking of how to start writing about my journeys in Thailand and it’s taken me more time than I had anticipated. I’ve decided to just start with one of my favorite experiences. Just one. The Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Books and Planes: Choices Must Be Made

So, I love reading. I get anxious when I’m stuck somewhere with nothing to read. Many of you may be thinking, “Doesn’t she always have her phone? You know, like a normal person.”


This has been a very good day for me. I have reached 100 followers! I would love to take this moment to thank everyone who has supported me. I love being a part of this community. You all are awesome. Lyz-Stephanie