A Bit of Fun at the IWBAL Awards Night

Because I like to be a bit innovative with this blog, I decided recently as a tribute to awards season, to create my own first annual IWANNABEALADY Awards! First, I produced the awards. You’ll see how soon enough. Then I asked my Instagram followers to head over to my stories and vote on 3 categories: Best Drama * The Taking of Pluto * * Absinthe … Continue reading A Bit of Fun at the IWBAL Awards Night

So I just had a HUGE fml moment

  I just realized that the video clip for my outfit post was still on private and no one got to see this thing that I worked tirelessly on. I could seriously scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. fml fml fml fmliiiiiife. Okay, I’m going to breathe now. I’m going to find the courage somewhere in my soul to let this disappointment wash away from my soul. I can … Continue reading So I just had a HUGE fml moment

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Outfit Post: Blazer and Tennis Skirt

So you’re rummaging through the thrift store and you come across a 1980’s style tennis skirt, complete with wild patterns and colors. You love it, but can you pull it off? Of course, you can! Or maybe you want to flash a good bit of leg, but you’d like to keep it on the classy side of things. Can you do that? Yes, you can! … Continue reading Outfit Post: Blazer and Tennis Skirt

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The Bookcase Gives Me Anxiety

So here I am, a mom on a mission, rampaging through my kid’s room with a single-minded determination to put things in order. Let me make clear that I’m notoriously scatter-brained, so single-minded anything is a stretch for me at best. But on this day, and into the future (stupid adulting goals) I’m determined to go through my life with more focus. You know, start … Continue reading The Bookcase Gives Me Anxiety

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Instagram Fashion: February

Here it is, ladies! The time of the month you’ve actually been waiting for. These are some of my favorite Instagram fashions from the month of February. I’m currently working on incorporating some of the style elements from last month, and you’ll be seeing some of those outfits trickle in here on the blog and on my Instagram page. You’ll recall that one of my … Continue reading Instagram Fashion: February