Tag: Domestic Disaster

Piles of Books and Clothes

So, I walked into my room last night and looked at my bed and thought, What the heck? Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s always the same issue. My mornings look like this: I stare at my closet trying to figure out which type of a mood I’m in. I settle on something and put

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You Trying To Say I Ain’t Superwoman?

It’s 7pm over on my side of the world. A reasonable hour. I just woke up from a two hour nap. Some people have just gotten through accomplishing things. Don’t you think you’re special. Let me guess, you stopped by the grocery store; you’re making dinner; you’re doing laundry; you’re settling down with a beer

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I Like to Feel It In My Hands

I’ve had a problem in my life for a long time now. Well, it’s not really a problem; at least it wouldn’t be if I were wealthy and had oodles of display and storage space. But alas! I am not, and thus I have a problem… I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve always

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